Monday, March 24, 2008

Skills every man should know.

My good friend Mr. Mitchell, editor and "international blog star" of the internationally acclaimed Life and Times Blog, were talking the other day and decided that there are certain rites of passage that every Red Blooded American Male should undertake. Less a rite of passage and more a checklist for the approved; a stamp of approval. A list of skills that every man should have. I've reviewed lists such as those posted at Popular Mechanics and other blogging websites for opinions and input to my list. Not research, but 'mansearch'. 'Mansearch' to find those among me worthy to be called Man.

'So where is the checklist?' one might ask... well look no further. Following is my list of skills that all men should be able to accomplish. If you are unworthy of calling yourself a man, then stop your crying and get to work. If you can say that you meet the standards then congratulations, you can be proud to call yourself a Man. You have the right and Stamp of approval in my book and also have my authority to create your very own stamp of approval to proudly display in your sweat shop, mess hall, office space, man cave, or other area approved by you since you can proudly proclaim your manhood.

  1. Build a fire from scratch

  2. Change the oil in your car

  3. Swim

  4. Cook something you killed (road kill doesn't count)

  5. Field dress a deer

  6. Tie a tie

  7. Bleed brakes

  8. Hook up an HDTV and included surround sound

  9. Program the Microwave

  10. Climb a tree

  11. Pull out your own splinters

  12. Pray

  13. Mix concrete by hand

  14. Use a Chain Saw (This includes attaching the chain)

  15. Build a shelter in the woods without tools (I'll allow a pocket knife for this one, but you need to learn how to do without)

  16. Clean a bolt-action rifle

  17. Edit a digital image

  18. Sharpen a knife

  19. Back up a vehicle with a trailer attached

  20. Fix a bike flat

  21. Shoot a gun

  22. Back up a vehicle using only mirrors

  23. Frame a wall with windows and doors

  24. Fix an electrical outlet

  25. Fillet a fish that you caught

  26. Setup a wireless network

  27. Use a torque wrench

  28. Use 4WD (including rocking to get unstuck)

  29. Cut a tree to fall where you want it to fall

  30. Put up a tent

  31. Change a diaper

  32. Balance the check book

  33. Chop firewood with an ax

  34. Throw, catch, and hit a baseball

  35. Not really a skill, but all men should know the rules to football

  36. Train a dog

  37. Drive in snow and ice

  38. Grill (with charcoal or open fire)

  39. Load a muzzleloader

  40. Properly execute a power clean

  41. Fight

  42. Check tire pressure

  43. Make love

  44. Reload a bullet (knowing the process qualifies)

  45. Use air tools

  46. Secure a computer... Using guns for this only counts if the computer is not on a network

  47. The right way to tighten lug nuts

  48. Pluck a turkey

  49. Paddle a canoe

  50. Read a compass

  51. Tie a worthy knot

  52. Fix a leaky pipe

  53. Use Standard and Metric

  54. Shoot a bow and arrow

  55. Bait a hook

  56. Cook

  57. Use ALL of the remote controls

  58. Drive a stick-shift

  59. Hook up a trailer

  60. Fix a flat tire

  61. Use a hi-lift jack

  62. Use a sling shot

  63. Use bolt cutters to open a lock

  64. Hang a door

  65. Find a stud in a wall

  66. Shingle a roof

To give all of you qualified men something to further qualify your skills as a man by, keep checking back for my future postings including "Things every man should do before he dies" and "Skills every elite man should know"

Feel free to post your opinions here as well for consideration for inclusion into the list.