Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bluetooth headsets

Imagine this...

So while at school at ETSU before class I decided I should probably check my PO Box that I've not checked in about 6 months. I was walking to the PO, passing people left and right as everyone is out walking and enjoying the beautiful day and sunshine as would be expected on such a day. While going along one of out of the way shortcut sidewalks there was a girl approaching me.

You've all been there, nothing at all strange about passing someone, but you know when you get eye contact as your are approaching each other it seems customary to smile and say "hello" or "how are you?" maybe even drop a "beautiful day isn't it?" to the other person as you pass. But just as I'm about to open my mouth and pick one to say, she looks me right in the eye, while still walking of course, and says "I Love You".... WHAT!!

I almost stop from shock, "Did she just say that?" I ask myself. Of course she doesn't change the look on her face at all and I'm stupefied with what she said so I don't say anything. But as she passes, she runs her finger through her hair to part her hair behind her ear and then.... A BIG sigh of relief. I don't have to explain to my wife that some strange lady fell in love with me at first sight... the bandit... BLUETOOTH!

So for sake of keeping someone else and yourself out of an awkward scenario, if you plan on using Bluetooth with your cell phone, keep it for situations when you are not in public, and if the need does arise to use it in public, please, keep it visible for others to see.

So until next time... I love you too... sorry I was on my Bluetooth with my wife... be good!!